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A Place For Lovers Of Firearms

Welcome to Bailey Signature Firearms---a true place for gun aficionados. Owner Bob Bailey is a former Machinist who has devoted his life to firearms. Guns and big knives are his passion. Suppressed weapons are a daily thing here and we sell a fair amount of them. Need your gun suppressed? We can do it.

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One of my specialty's is crafting totally off the wall custom guns. If you have an idea of something different let me know and I'll see if I can come up with something. I do a lot of suppressed stuff. Pistols, rifles, odd ball calibers. I can re barrel your favorite shooter, drill and tap for sights, chamber odd ball cartridges, install custom triggers, mount scopes, swap out stocks or thread your barrel for your suppressor. As an 07/02 FFL with a SOT I can sell you a suppressor, short barreled rifle or shotgun or even sell you a machine gun if you meet the current qualifications. Need a sniper rifle or a target rifle. Talk to me I can make it happen.


We like big knives here and even sell custom knives. This is my design, being a full handle with a sub hilt. One features linen black linen micarta handles with nickle silver furniture the other uses Arizona Iron wood with brass furniture for a stunning visual appeal. The knives are 18" total, with 12"of that being heat treated D-2. This is a knife made to use.


I am Arkansas CHL Instructor # 00-379. I can qualify you for the Arkansas Concealed Handgun License which is currently accepted in 40 states. I do private instruction for those that can not make the Saturday classes because of work schedules or other limitations. I can do group instruction of up to 15 and have done instruction at banks,churches, schools, workplaces or even the comfort of you own home if that's what you want. Talk to me and we can work something out...I'm quite flexible.

AK 47 SBR. Custom build, show with suppressor.

A custom built AK turned into a short barreled rifle, using Magpul furniture and a Midwest Industries forearm. Suppressed.

Shooting the Integrally Suppressed Rem. 700

Shooting the 220 Sierra through a Rem. 700 in the .300 Blackout using 6.5 grains of Trailboss.

Suppressed .22 Hornet

Shooting the .22 Hornet with the custom 1/7 twist barrel. We are shooting 69 grain bullets and loading with Red Dot.
Fun stuff to shoot...
Fun stuff to shoot...

Shooting the XCaliber Mountaineer D
Remington 700 shooting the XCaliber Mountaineer D with a subsonic bullet